Jungle room will be concentrating on their social and personal development this week. We will be examining our emotions, what makes us happy and what makes us sad. We will be encouraging children to express their interests and preferences. Most of the children are really good at it. We will be doing it by revisiting some past experiences and see if children can express if they liked them and if they want to repeat them. Lots of dressing up and art work won’t be missing either.
Babies will be developing physically this week. We are prepared and are keen to start playing with the parachute. We will be also making lots of mark making with paint and shaving foam. Our dinosaur slide will be put in good use too.
Pre-school is getting ready for their sports day. Children will be practicing all the runs and challenges. Children will be also getting messy with paint, glue and coloured spagetti. We will be listening to stories and rhymes listening and singing.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK