This week babies will be making marks, we will try to helped them to use their palm grip to do so. Babies will have a choice of gloop, paint, pencils and pens to make their weekly mark with.

This week is half term week so with our children in the toddler room we will be developing their language and understanding. We will tackle it through understanding of sentences. We will encourage lots of conversation while taking part in many activities such as mark making, ice cube painting, play in muddy puddles in the garden. We have a wonderful new song displayed in out potty training area so those children that are being potty trained will be reworded with a little song each time they will make it all the way to the toilet.

This week in pre-school, children will be challenged with different types of technology. Computers, cameras and other programable toys. We will be also looking at the melting process with icecubes taken out of the freezer.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK