Week Ahead! 18-5-2013

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Pre-school – is concentrating on developing children’s gross motor skills. Children will be doing lots of jumping, catching, throwing and running. On the other hand, children will be concentrating on their fine motor skills too. They will be learning how to hold a pencil correctly, learning how to write their names too. We have fine motor skills activities ready such as fredding beads, playing with peggs and so one. It certainly should be a good week indeed.

Our toddlers will be communicating this week. We will be paying extra attention to the way children understand communication concepts. We will start with simple instructions such as: “Where are your schoes?”, “Where is your juice”. We are hoping to extend theire understanding further and hopefully our toddlers will be able to follow simple instructions too. We are looking forward to lots of outside play as well as building things from our building blogs, singing songs and reading lots of stories…

Babies will also be communicating this week. There should be water play ready for them. They will be playing with cars and garage and hopefuly we can get them to start express themselves by using new words and expressions. We will be preparing new treasure baskets for kids to explore. We will be also moving to sticky kids CD and music that chilren love.

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