Babies will be developing physically this week. We will be building towers and playing lots with building blocks. Those children that can’t walk will be encouraged to walk with a push along toy. To spice their life up, babies will be tasting lots of different fruits, exploring not only different tastes but different textures as well. Our baby room is also getting ready for Christmas so decorations will be appearing in the next few days.

Pre-schoolers this week will enjoy a story week. Children will be making their own puppets and perform stories in our very own theater. Children will be able to chose their favorite stories and we will try and act them out as well. On Friday, children will dress up as their favorite book characters. This week we also started practicing all the songs for our Christmas play. Our letter of the week is “E”, number is “5” and shape of the week is pentagon.

Toddlers will be exploring different human feelings. We will be singing lots of songs and try and play on different instruments. We will be looking at our books and playing with dolls in our baby / home corner. Toddlers will be also examining their own faces in the mirror and if we are lucky they will try and draw themselves as well. In the garden, children will be encouraged to follow an obstacle course where we are hoping to show our toddlers how important is to be patient and be able to take turns.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK