Babies will be developing physically this week. They will be negotiating obstacle courses, climb over big soft blocks. Their fine motor skills will be challenged by using play dough, they will be tearing paper and play with ever popular gloop.

Toddlers will be developing their physical skills and their independence skills. We will concentrate extra hard on their skills to tie their own shoes, put their own coats on. Sweeping and pouring should prove fun as well. Water won’t be missing either, we will be using rollers and play with play dough cutting out different shapes. Musical bumps and musical statues won’t be missing either. Toddlers are always happy to move to good rhythmic music.

Pre-school children will be discovering all about themselves. They will be drawing their own portraits, they will be encouraged to talk about their likes and dislikes. We have some new staff and new children arriving this September and October so we will be finding fun ways to discover about each other. We are completely re-organising our pre-school room so we want to involve children in the process. they will be creating decorations and individual placemats. Our letter of the week is “f”, shape of the week is “rectangle” and colour of the week is “red”.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK