This Week – 3 September 2012

Babies will be concentrating on communication, language literacy. We will be reading lots of stories and encouraging babies to repeat the words. We will be playing with different textures and developing their physical side by playing ball games, throwing and catching.

Our Pre-school children will continue with their shopping theme this week. We will continue with shapes, sticking and cutting and mark making. We will be also concentrating on encouraging independence and self help.

Our Toddlers will transfer their room into animal room this week. They will be reading stories about different animals, they will be listening to animal sounds trying to guess what animal they are hearing, making animal masks as well. Children will also move and dance as animals and a bit of problem solving will be encouraged by scene building with butterflies, sunshine. Search for animals and bugs will continue in our garden as well as children will be looking for bugs and creepy crawlies.

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