Week Ahead! 2013-02-11

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This week in Jungle Room children will be focusing on physical development that will be closely interlinked with speech and language activities. We will make sure that what ever they are doing, we will have lots of chats about it to see what they like, what they are doing, why and how. Despite the weather, we will be going out to our garden a lot this week and we will make sure that children play in wet sand, muddy puddles are on the list of activities as well. Music won’t be missing this week either, we will make sure that lots of children have fun singing and dancing.

Babies will be developing in a personal – social and emotional way this week. (just in case you are wondering what PSED stands for :-)). We built our new “black” from outside and “glow in the tent” inside tent. Babies absolutely love it. We have lots of chunky crayons on offer his week, helping babies to make their mark and develop their fine motor skills. We hope that most of the activities will lead our babies to play nicely next to each other, will encourage them to form friendships and improve their social skills.

Pre-schoolers will be working on their mathematic skills this week. Children will be playing games matching numbers to quantities of objects. We will try and count as high as we can with each child individually to see what we need to improve on. We will be reading a lovely story of a “Fish that could Wish”. Dinosaurs are on the go as well and we will be playing lots of “letters and sounds” games too.

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