Week Ahead, 24th September 2012

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Babies, will be concentrating on their personal – social development this week. We will be using our “snugly” areas a lot, ecorage them to “chat” a lot. We will see if they decide to take their friends to one of our pop up tents. Books will be chosen to emphasise empathy. They will be playing games where sharing will be encouraged as well.
Jungle room toddlers will be exploring different textures this week. To spice it all up, children will be exploring textures of food. So tasting and touching sessions will include pasta, baked beans, lentils etc.
Pre-school children will be busying themselves with mark making. This focus will include lots of activities painting with bubbles, making marks with potatoes and playing with damp and dry sand. The letter of the week is “e” the shape of the week is cylinder and colour of the week is ever popular pink.

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