This week in pre-school will be a busy week. We will be making cards and pictures using shapes, we will be doing lots of mark making and painting and will be mixing colours to see what happens. We will be making special pictures using oil and food colouring and we will be encouraging our children to explore our new room, toys and secret compartments.
Our babies will have lots of fun communicating this week. We hope that doing so they will develop their language skills a bit better. Babies should also enjoy lots of music and dancing and we are hoping they will learn how to move to a regular beat and rhythm. We will use single word books and help children to repeat words, and use balls to play.
Out toddlers will be developing personally, socially, emotionally this week. We planned lots of turn taking games, we will encourage them to voice their choice of games, toys and activities. They will even be able to chose the colour of their snack. 😮
We planned activities that will help children to share their experiences with others, so stories and play in the small world should be fun. Fun – fun – fun with big puzzles, shaving foam and wet sand. I wonder what the rainbow water tray is…

Nursery School Gillingham, UK