Our toddlers will be learning about personal and social interactions with their friends and adults around them. They will be encouraged to share, play nicely with their friends, wait patiently for their turn in a role play or board game. toddlers will be busy painting with frozen cubes, lots of water play and we will bring the parachute out as well. They will be playing with wet sand and making truck prints with the cars in the sand.

Babies will continue with their physical development this week. Among other activities, babies will get messy with spagetti, they will crawl through tunnels and play with pop up tents. Younger babies will be helped and encouraged to walk independently. We will try and teach our older under two’s to dress up independently ( as much as possible).

Pre-school children will be focusing on their language skills. They will be predicting endings to their stories that they read. We will also draw pictures with the ending of the story. We will be reading stories that rhyme and learn new songs and poems that we can remember.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK