Our weekly video with our updated plan for your child’s development at Gillingham’s best daycare for happy bunnies.

Pre-school Children This Week

This week, pre-school children will be putting pencils and pens to the paper, practicing writing and drawing skills. We will be reading lots of books this week, looking at our favourite stories especially those that rhyme. We will also have a go at creating our own endings to the stories we will read.

Babies This Week

Our babies’ development focus this week will be physical. We will be building small towers, they will be smiling and making faces at each other and in the mirror. We are hoping to encourage empathy and better understanding of feelings of other people too. We will help our babies to reach out and touch interesting objects that are not so near to them. Those babies that don’t walk yet will be helped to cruise around our furniture and walk with adult support. We will be dancing and singing a lot as we do every week. We know what babies love the best.

Toddlers This Week

Our Jungle room toddlers’ development will be personal, social and emotional this week. We will be observing their interactions with their friends when they are presented with new activities and new exciting equipment. We will be playing with wet send as well as dry sand. We will be doing lots of messy play such as painting with ice cubes, play with pasta and play with seeds. Ever popular card board boxes will be used to build anything children want to build. They will have the opportunity to decorate them too.

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