Hi everyone, welcome back after the Easter holidays. I don’t know about you but I love the long weekend so much that my body just keeps telling me that I need more. Bit greedy really isn't it. Well its not long until the next on on the 4th of May.

So what did everyone do? Did you visit  family, spend time with your family, go away for the weekend. There are so many things that we can all be doing. Who got the DIY manual out?

So what are we doing this term, well the sun is starting to shine so we are going out in the garden as much as we can. It is soon going to be time for sun cream and sun hats. So as we look to put the wellies away we will be asking for you to bring in hats.

Next thing on the agenda is the schools, this term we will all find out what school our children will be going to. If you could let us know as soon as possible as we like to invite the schools in to meet the children in their environment, plus it helps with the transition form and getting all the information to the schools.

SO what can you start doing to help them get ready for school. Here is a list of the different things that a reception teacher may expect the child to be able to do.

  • Can your child listen to instructions and follow them? These skills will help him to get involved in classroom activity.
  • Can he put on his own coat and go to the loo by himself?
  • Can he hold a pencil? Cut with scissors? These fine motor skills will be useful when he begins writing letters and making things. At school, your child should get lots of support to help him master these skills.
  • Is he interested in books? Does he try to "read" a book by telling a story based on the pictures? This is a sign that he’s ready to start learning how to read.
  • Is he curious and receptive to learning new things? Is his curiosity greater than his fear of the unfamiliar?
  • Does he get along well with other children? Does he share and know how to take turns? He’ll be interacting with other children all day.
  • Can he work with others as part of a group? If he is learning to compromise, it’s a sign he is developing emotionally.
  • If you feel that your child needs more help with these things come and speak with the keyworker and they will start prioritising these things to ensure that we can be as ready as we can be.


    Nursery School Gillingham, UK