Hi, I’m here to tell you what has been going on in our nursery this week.

In our baby room, we have been making marks with various size brushes in paint and with jelly. This early mark making is the precursor to writing and drawing that comes later on. We have also enjoyed water play with sea animals and putting the baby in for a bath. Always our friends’ favourite.

In Jungle room, we have been welcoming the toddlers that just come up from our baby room who are now turned two. We have been getting to know what it is that they like to play with. They have also been using stamper pens to decorate carboard paper cut outs to represent themselves and these have been hung above our All About Me Display board that we have just created.

In our preschool room, we have also been welcoming the toddlers who have now turned three. There has been lots of free play as we get to know each other. They have also enjoyed taking photos ready to do their coat pegs pictures and to make self portraits next week. There has been plenty of painting, and playing with water with under the sea creatures. A few sneaky dinosaurs have gotten there to play as well.

Thank you very much for listening and we’ll be back next week to let you know what’s been going on in our Nursery.
Thank you!

Nursery School Gillingham, UK