Welcome to The New School Year!

P1190477Well it is the beginning of the new term and we are all busy welcoming our new children who are
settling in extremely well.

Baby room have been doing lots of sensory learning. They have been experimenting with paint and
coloured rice making amazing works of art. They have been exploring the paint using their hands,
rollers and brushes and anything they can lay their hands on! Aswell as exploring they have also
been learning to pass things from one hand to another and those that are able have been learning to
feed themselves with a spoon although they have needed support to get it to their mouths without
the food falling off! Which resulted in some disappointed faces when they realised there was
nothing left on their spoon but they soon learned not to turn the spoon upside down.



P1150608 thumbCastle Room have had a complete change around and we have a nice quiet area for them to crawl
into if they so wish . With the new children settling we have done our planning around the childrens
interests so we have a dinosaur world in the tuft tray, free painting where they can go and paint
using their imagination and lots of role playing life skills in the home corner. They are also learning
the rules of the nursery, kind hands, walking feet etc. and some of the older ones have been
practising their pencil grip.

7222036944 f1348eae5aJungle rooms children are fascinated with treasure at the moment and one of our toddlers walks
around saying ‘ x marks the spot’! So they have planned around the childrens interests and the
children have been making treasure maps by staining the paper with tea to make it look old and
then they are going to put their own marks on the paper. They are making treasure by painting
pebbles silver and gold and then they are going to put them in a treasure box and it will be hidden.
They will then be taught to follow simple instructions with support from the practitioner to find
where the treasure is hidden. They are all very excited about this.They have been learning about the
Pirates love underpants book which also coincides with their toilet training and following the ship
and treasure theme they will be making a ship out of boxes and telescopes out of kitchen roll
holders. They also have a treasure map hidden in the sand which they can trace with with their

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