Activities for Thursday, 9 March 2017

Castle room (Pre-School)

The story of the day was the popular story of the “Room on the Broom”. I love Julia Donaldson's stories. While the story is quite long, quite a lot of children managed to concentrate and answer comprehension questions correctly.

We were chatting today about how we feel about different things, what makes us happy, what makes us sad or scared.

So we now know that pizza makes us happy, going to Nanny's makes us happy, strawberry drinks and holidays make us happy. We were also told that some daddies make us grumpy (sorry dads), children not sharing toys makes us sad. But what really makes us scared is spiders, ghosts, snakes, lions and hedgehogs???

At the different table, children were playing with the animals. They set up a Jurassic Park type of Zoo as dinosaurs were included in the mix too. The main aim of this activity was to see how many animals children can identify. We made animal noises too. Not only children managed to identify most of the animals, some were even able to tell us where they live, land, air or water.

We have a new black board in our garden so children really enjoyed doing some scribbles with the chalks we gave them. We were also looking for worms, listened to birds dug through bark and talked about the way garden felt to us today.

Jungle Room (Toddlers)

Toddlers loved the garden today, it was sunny, warm and they really enjoyed riding their bikes, drawing on the black board or just have a good run around. They also played with a ball – catching a ball is never easy when you are only two years old.

The messy play got a bit messy we hid some magnetic numbers and letters in the tray full of pasta. They all had a good hunt for them.

Toddlers also had a good sing along and dance to some nice songs we played on our CD player today. The Robot with no Bot story was a good one, we read the story to the toddlers in smaller groups today.

Finger painting was the art activity of today. Children never say no to getting a bit messy.

Baby Room

Babies were dancing to music today. We enjoyed watching them move their whole body to sounds they like.

In small groups they were using building blogs to build a small tower. When you are just one, balancing blogs to make a tower is a very big task indeed.

Babies were also learning how to find their body parts, so songs that point to eyes, nose, ears and feet were extra helpful today.

Our babies also got out to the garden and had a good play and run around. Its hard to say no to a lovely sunny day outside.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK