This week pre-school is concentrating on language and literacy. We love reading stories with children and to make it more exciting, we will be predicting story endings. We played with pictures with different meanings and made up stories about them. To wrap the week up, we had lots of fun with rhymes and songs.
Toddlers were communicating this week as well. They were using powerful words to describe their feelings to adults and other children. Children were also talking about their home life and what they are doing when they go home from our nursery. Children played with flash cards and other toys that helped them to learn new words fast. We closely worked with the kids and looked at the way they form questions. We played with rhymes too and sang all the favorite songs.
And babies are learning to speak too this week. They sang song and enjoyed nursery rhymes while copying actions. We used music CD’s to encourage babies to move their bodies. Babies were playing with our homemade play dough and making sounds of the animals they were making. It was also a sweet week in our baby room when we made rice cakes. Babies enjoyed helping making them. Water play wasn’t missing either….

Nursery School Gillingham, UK