What you thought about us and what we did to make it better.

My child was in baby room for one year and has recently moved to jungle room. We cannot fault either room and are so please at how caring and attentive all the girls are. He is always happy at the end of the day and we have noticed how well his speech and confidence has developed. Cannot fault the nursery in any way, everyone works so hard.


I am very happy how well my child seems to have settled.


Happy with how he gets on in preschool. Talks about things he does with his key persons and gets on well with her. Happy with the opportunities for learning. For example he comes home and talks about his placemat a lot, pictures, colours of pictures, colour of name. Would like to have feedback regarding what he eats, a lot of the time he says that he doesn't eat snack. (However I think that is afternoon snack not too sure)


I am very pleased with how my daughter has settled. I am sure that Jenni/Steph and the other girls have worked very hard on this. It is very much appreciated.

My daughter absolutely loves going to Happy Bunnies Nurseries, always talking about how much her teachers have taught her and how many friends she has made. Looking forward to sending her brother too.


I am extremely happy that my son now enjoys going to nursery. The staff are friendly and very approachable, both myself and my son are made to feel very welcome thank you again.


I am more than happy with the way my daughter is looked after, she absolutely adores her keyworkers (Paulina and Claire) and she talks about them at home. She never says that she doesn't want to go to nursery and gets very excited when I tell her we are going to nursery. I am thrilled with her development and although she only attends once a week what you do for her is amazing. I find all the staff friendly and accommodating and what you all do with her, we are forever grateful. Keep up the good work.


I am very happy with my sons care, and think that everyone has made him feel settled and enjoys coming to nursery. Everyone is very friendly and I get great information on what he has done throughout the day. Overall I am very happy with the nursery and feel good that I know he is happy to be there all day.


It would be nice to have some way of having photos of the children enjoying activities and interacting with the other children. – Maybe a way parents could log on to a secure section and see his photos or bring in a UBS or CD.

We have started to use iPad in preschool, which will store all our photos of the children and the learning stories. This has been a slower process that we wanted it to be as it takes time to input the information into the system; however once we have got this up and running we will be able to email you as often as you would like.


The car park is quite dark at this time of year additional lighting?

We have had lighting in the car park in the past and it has been stolen, we will speak to the management centre to see if there is something we can arrange. We have looked at a way to light the door; the person fitting this is fully booked at the moment 

On the whole I'm very happy with the nursery, my son loves it and loves the staff, on weekends he talks about Claire, Kerry, Sam and Jenni and I have to log on to show him the pictures of the staff. All good signs and makes me happy and confident he is cared for. He talks about the children and seems to be making some lovely friends. I find the staff helpful, supportive and available when I need them. I feel he is developing well and I can only thank you for your part in helping to bring him up and supporting us both. Xxx


We are very happy with the service we receive from the nursery. The staff are clearly dedicated to the happiness, care and wellbeing of the children and I feel confident that my child is being care for properly, and in sae hands. Gemma is also very helpful if you need anything. Overall a fantastic nursery.


Very happy with how he has settled. Good feedback each day about how he has been and what he has eaten. Unsure about his key person relationship as I haven't seen them together.

Some children are very independent and want the key person as a secure base rather than being with them. If you are unsure at all about the key person please ask as we are happy to talk at any time.

We do not always get a handover at the end of the day with what he has been up to or eaten, behaved. I found that sheets provided in baby room were brilliant and thought this would have been something that continued through the rooms. I know this is time taken away from the children would be no different to telling us how he has been at the end of the day.

Handover sheets are stopped once they come into Jungle room due to the number of children in the room. As they get older we encourage the children to talk about their experiences at nursery and begin to show the independence. Handovers are still important to us and we like to personal touch of the feedback directly with the parents; however if a parent requests a handover sheet we encourage them to use a book almost like a diary and we will complete this for the parents.


All the staff in baby room are lovely, friendly and helpful. I have no worries with leaving Bella as I know she is always happy when I pick her up. I have no problems with the staff in baby room.


My partner and I share the dropping off/picking up of our daughter so in the beginning I felt that we didn't have much communication. We have since started a handover notebook so that I can update Emma on my daughter and she can pop notes in rather than just doing the usual handover (food nappies and sleep)

We are really pleased that your problem has been resolved and the use of a handover book is the best way forward for you.

I would like to see my daughter outside (weather permitting) each day as often I find if she is restless it helps her the change of scenery however brief.

We take the babies out at least once a day weather permitting, at the moment with it being so wet the younger ones who are not walking are going into the sand pit instead for the change of scenery.


On the whole a happy Mum and my daughter is always smiling and happy to attend,


Please make sure that her hands and face are clean before she leaves the nursery.

Children are checked regularly for runny noses and dirty faces. We never knowingly send a child home with a dirty face. If your child has a dirty face please ask a staff member who would be happy to clean them.


My daughter started in September and we are very pleased with how she has settled into the room. She is always looking forward to coming in and doesn't even cry when she is dropped off this could only mean one thing “happy” overall I am very happy bring my daughter to Happy Bunnies. I hope you keep up the good work.


It would be nice if the prices of food could be more affordable so kids don't have to bring their own lunches. Where the parent feels the prices are on the high side.

No profit is made from lunches due to not having catering facilities on site we are restricted to using a catering company and the cost you pay is the cost we get charged. We will however look around to see if there are other options; however we are not prepared to cut corners on children's nutrition.


my daughter has been sick a few times recently, I understand this id normal for a nursery environment, but I would like to know that the toys are being cleaned regularly. Maybe a chart on the wall or something? Other than that I am really pleased with Happy Bunnies

The entire selection of toy are cleaned in baby room weekly, there is a rota for this. We also deep clean and have the carpets clean twice a year. (No shoes in babies keep it cleaner) There is a cleaning diary that can be looked at if you want to at any point.



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