So we are back again, first Monday morning of the new year. Who's done new year, new me?

Children’s assessments and unique stories are out soon, this is always a good time to see what they are doing whilst they are in nursery. Remember that time when they came home and they were suddenly doing something you didn’t know that they could do. Well everything is documented in these stories about your child. Make your new years resolution to help us with WOW moments, little bits of information of the wonders that they do at home. Maybe they did some baking over Christmas, tried something new to eat or even just put their own socks on. We all talk about new years resolutions, but to a child everyday is about new year, new experiences and new ideas, help us to make these stories meaningful for everyone.

At nursery we will be introducing electronic assessments, these are exciting and they will  be easy access for everyone, meaning more time for the children.  At the moment we are trailing this out in preschool as we want to get it perfect. So Happy Bunnies New Years Resolution is to make more time for the children by changing over to digital assessments.


Nursery School Gillingham, UK