Hello everyone,

Here’s a quick summary of what will be going on next week at Happy Bunnies.

Babies are learning new words with the aid of cards with different pictures to help them use single words to name things. They will extend this activity to action songs and rhymes such as head, shoulders knees and toes. They will be exploring the textures of different things such as rice, oats and porridge and learning the words to describe what they feel such as hard, soft etc.

In our Jungle room our toddlers are starting to learn about Autumn now that the leaves are changing colour and starting to fall from the trees. They will learn about caring and sharing with the interactive story Don’t Hog the Hedge using puppets and toy animals. For their physical development, they will be joining in ring games and strengthening their fingers with the use of playdough.

Our Preschoolers are learning about World Animal Day. They will be looking at farmyard animals and playing with the zoo animals when they join in with the story Dear Zoo. They will also have the vet care toys out and talk about pets they may have at home and they have been asked to bring in photos from home for next week.

Thanks for listening and we’ll see you next week. Bye!

Nursery School Gillingham, UK