Thursday, 30 March 2017

Castle Room – Pre-School

Chicken Licken visited our pre-school today. We read the story and then children worked hard to recall how the story went. It was fun to see how well can preschoolers listen, remember and retell. Later on, we moved onto Room on the Broom Story that is one of the very favorite stories in this room. Some children can tell the story almost word by word, there were no problems recalling what came next. J

Some children also pretended to have a Teddy Bear picnic today. Kids were really working on their “friendship” skills, learning how to be polite and well mannered with others during a formal picnic event.

We did lots of cutting, painting and sticking too. We learned shapes by cutting around them and following lines. There was a lot of good talking going on comparing shapes and how they look and what they remind us of.

Some children were making wrist watches today, have your little on brought one home? It wasn't an easy task but we did some excellent problem solving especially when the glue would not stick.

Jungle Room – Toddlers

We spent lots of time outside, it was so wonderful and warm and sunny, we decided to have our snacks in the garden today.

We took some construction toys outside too. Children were building towers from duplo and even used large garden dominos too.

We moved around a lot today too, did a lot of running, skipping and cycling. Later we were playing with the ball, throwing it, catching it and some time even kicking it a little bit.

We got a bit messy today too, children were painting today, played with shaving foam and sand.

Toddlers also decided to have a tea party today, some had tea with milk, sugar – some asked for cakes and cookies too.

We were singing today too, all the nursery favorites that is.


Babies were listening and dancing to some lovely baby music today. We were singing and playing musical instruments too.

They went outside today and played in the sandpit too. We were climbing and sliding down the slide, learning how to walk forwards and backwards too.

Babies loved playing with the water today, we washed all the “babies” today in the bubble bath. After a good bath, we dried them off, fed them and put them to sleep. What good mummies and daddies we were today.

Nursery School Gillingham, UK